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Weekly Roundup

If you’re looking for more writing prompts you can head over to my Pangea blog and find weekly instalments.

My latest genealogy post can be found here. It concludes the series on my Great Grandfather Harold Griffiths and may be of interest to those researching the church movement of the 20th century.

Lastly, I hope you like this poem I penned on the 23rd.

There, next to the seas glass waves and golden shores.
The knowledge: all the world my oyster.
An outstretched hand to grasp.
Life’s great hope.
A purpose found, pursued.
Before the darkness came.

I saw once. Potential unlimited.
Diving deep beneath the windy shores to find, who knew what?
Life’s great mystery.
Adventure waiting, discovered, lived.
Before the darkness came.

The deep breath of rising to the surface.
Peering far to an endless horizon.
Sun’s rays warming drenched skin, glistening with rivers running wild.
Life’s great promise.
Opportunity taken, shared.
Before the darkness came.

I see now, in part.
As in a mirror dimly lit.
Yet clear.
Footsteps, lonesome as I’m carried – so they say.
Yet even they are washed by relentless crashing waves – and fade.
Truth revealing, hoping.

Hopeful I hear, whispered in the setting sun.
Longing not for past or un-lived promises.
But for present. Now. Running back upon the beaches.
Crashing feet upon the broken shells.

I can not return. I do not know how.


((You’ve heard of the 7 day black and white photo challenge. A fellow author, who also happened to be a photographer, challenged me to tell an impromptu short story for every one he posted. That’s how this weekly writing prompt was born. Feel free to join in.)

I know, quotes are supposed to inspire, but after 36 years in this cell, all it does is tease. I imagine that this simple doodle is a map, a way out of solitary for this godforsaken soul, in this godforsaken prison, on this godforsaken island.
If so, I don’t even know how to get past “start.” And the switch? It is nothing but a joke. Perhaps at one time is controlled a source of light or warmth, but now it is yet another tantalising hope. A hope that never materialises. A mirage at best.
Every day I hear the clanking feet of my guards walk past the outside of my door. They never let me see their face. I hear the grind of metal against metal and a plate of food is shoved through a slot. Three other times a day a paper cup of water is also provided.
I have no hearings. There was no trial, so how can there be hearings without a trial? I had no lawyer to advise me.
I had only handcuffs, a blindfold and the clothes on my back. Clothes that left me long ago.

Every day I hear the clanking feet of my guards walk past the outside of my door. They never let me see their…face…except this day.

“Don’t flip the switch again.”

I can’t croak a response. 36 years of not speaking has left me hoarse.

“There’s no one left.”

New Years


I’m not against New Year resolutions. I think that anytime you can reflect on your life and make decisions to be different it is a good thing. I do, however, believe that resolutions not backed up by commitments are pointless.

I also don’t tend to set goals for new years resolutions. I do set goals, and I do set yearly goals, but I’ve never seen them as resolutions. I tend to think about principles and ideas.

With that in mind, I realised something over the Christmas period. I have put a lot of things on hold because I didn’t believe I had the time for them. “Didn’t” past tense. I used to have hours of free time and so I became used to needing hours of free time to accomplish anything. The truth, however, is that while I might not have a lot of ‘free hour periods’ I do have a lot of free minutes that add up to hours in a week.

So my resolution is to make better use of my time. My hope is this will result in deeper friendships, more relaxation, more letters written, novel writing, blog writing and bonding with family.

So if I look back on the last two years, as a man looking in a mirror, what it shows me is there are more minutes than I realised, and therefore more things I can do than I realised – conversations to be had, stories to tell, and listening to be done.

I wish you all the best in your own new year.


Parenting Particulars #3

A new, witty, and hopefully weekly post, which will gather all the funny facebook and twitter posts about my daughter from the past week. You can find last weeks here. 

Summer Sightings

Sitting outside on the back yard bench listening to thunder and watching lightening with E is one of my favourite things to do in the whole world.

Merry Morning

E: Where’s mummy?
Me: Asleep
E: Runs into the room saying “rise and shine the day’s begun!”

Scary Screaming

Neighbour just called and E let out the most piercing scream. She is reenacting a scene from the Land Before Time where a dinosaur falls off a cliff…I am sure the neighbour just thinks I was trying to kill someone.

Tiring Trists

Working on numbers this morning.
We counted to 6 and then we were going to do seven and E just lays out on the floor.
Me: E are we stopping? Are you tired?
E: No. Not tired.
Me: oh, are you sure?
E: You’re tired.
Me: I’m tired?
E: Yes, you’re tired.

Minutes later we get to ten.

Me: Shall we count them together?
E: No, I’m tired, I am sleeping out here.

Messy Musings

E: I made a mess
Me: Why?
E: Cause I wanted to. I needed to


I would love to hear some the funny moments you have with your own children.


Parenting Particulars #2

A new, witty, and hopefully weekly post, which will gather all the funny facebook and twitter posts about my daughter from the past week. You can find last weeks here. 

Abbreviations you will need to know for this: H stands for my wife, E stands for my daughter, and M stands for me.

Diaper Doings

We always ask E to throw away the diapers we change. A small part of teaching ownership and responsibility.

H: *discovers a diaper under the blanket of the bed* Why is there a diaper on the bed?
E: *In a joyous voice* Because I didn’t throw it away!”

Silly Sayings

E this morning: “oh my gosh, oh boy, oh boy.”

Bossy Boots

H: E, don’t take that Watermelon. I’m de seeding it.
E: It has seeds.
H: Yes, I’m de seeding it.
E: I’m taking it.
H: No, you’re not in charge here. 
E: Yes, I am in charge.