Parenting Particulars

A new, witty, and hopefully weekly post, which will gather all the funny facebook and twitter posts about my daughter from the past week.

Parenting is a serious matter, but it should also be funny, and it is definitely full of moments to be cherished.


The guest room has become the confiscation room.  The bed currently has on it: a loud obnoxious toy lawnmower, a palace, a doll house and other assortments.

Play Time

Parenting Mess

E decided that monkey (A Beanie baby) needed to eat with her today. She split her food in half so they could both eat what was on the plate.

Minutes later she decided monkey needs a shower…so she decided to get fake baby milk and shower her with baby milk…


Me *walks into E’s room* Good morning.
E: *shouting* Go away, I want mummy
Me*moments later* Mummy is coming but can you tell Daddy sorry for shouting.
E: Sorry Daddy, I am just sulking a little bit because I want mummy.



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