Parenting Particulars #3

A new, witty, and hopefully weekly post, which will gather all the funny facebook and twitter posts about my daughter from the past week. You can find last weeks here. 

Summer Sightings

Sitting outside on the back yard bench listening to thunder and watching lightening with E is one of my favourite things to do in the whole world.

Merry Morning

E: Where’s mummy?
Me: Asleep
E: Runs into the room saying “rise and shine the day’s begun!”

Scary Screaming

Neighbour just called and E let out the most piercing scream. She is reenacting a scene from the Land Before Time where a dinosaur falls off a cliff…I am sure the neighbour just thinks I was trying to kill someone.

Tiring Trists

Working on numbers this morning.
We counted to 6 and then we were going to do seven and E just lays out on the floor.
Me: E are we stopping? Are you tired?
E: No. Not tired.
Me: oh, are you sure?
E: You’re tired.
Me: I’m tired?
E: Yes, you’re tired.

Minutes later we get to ten.

Me: Shall we count them together?
E: No, I’m tired, I am sleeping out here.

Messy Musings

E: I made a mess
Me: Why?
E: Cause I wanted to. I needed to


I would love to hear some the funny moments you have with your own children.



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