Weekly Roundup

If you’re looking for more writing prompts you can head over to my Pangea blog and find weekly instalments.

My latest genealogy post can be found here. It concludes the series on my Great Grandfather Harold Griffiths and may be of interest to those researching the church movement of the 20th century.

Lastly, I hope you like this poem I penned on the 23rd.

There, next to the seas glass waves and golden shores.
The knowledge: all the world my oyster.
An outstretched hand to grasp.
Life’s great hope.
A purpose found, pursued.
Before the darkness came.

I saw once. Potential unlimited.
Diving deep beneath the windy shores to find, who knew what?
Life’s great mystery.
Adventure waiting, discovered, lived.
Before the darkness came.

The deep breath of rising to the surface.
Peering far to an endless horizon.
Sun’s rays warming drenched skin, glistening with rivers running wild.
Life’s great promise.
Opportunity taken, shared.
Before the darkness came.

I see now, in part.
As in a mirror dimly lit.
Yet clear.
Footsteps, lonesome as I’m carried – so they say.
Yet even they are washed by relentless crashing waves – and fade.
Truth revealing, hoping.

Hopeful I hear, whispered in the setting sun.
Longing not for past or un-lived promises.
But for present. Now. Running back upon the beaches.
Crashing feet upon the broken shells.

I can not return. I do not know how.


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I'm the author of The World of Pangea, a blogger and eSports journalist. In my spare time I love to write about the history of fantasy, writing tips, family history and occasionally politics. Sometimes I interview other authors and review their work. I am an avid collector of Superman comics and I love to write poetry.

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