Parenting Particulars #2

A new, witty, and hopefully weekly post, which will gather all the funny facebook and twitter posts about my daughter from the past week. You can find last weeks here. 

Abbreviations you will need to know for this: H stands for my wife, E stands for my daughter, and M stands for me.

Diaper Doings

We always ask E to throw away the diapers we change. A small part of teaching ownership and responsibility.

H: *discovers a diaper under the blanket of the bed* Why is there a diaper on the bed?
E: *In a joyous voice* Because I didn’t throw it away!”

Silly Sayings

E this morning: “oh my gosh, oh boy, oh boy.”

Bossy Boots

H: E, don’t take that Watermelon. I’m de seeding it.
E: It has seeds.
H: Yes, I’m de seeding it.
E: I’m taking it.
H: No, you’re not in charge here. 
E: Yes, I am in charge.


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I'm the author of The World of Pangea, a blogger and eSports journalist. In my spare time I love to write about the history of fantasy, writing tips, family history and occasionally politics. Sometimes I interview other authors and review their work. I am an avid collector of Superman comics and I love to write poetry.

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