#PeopleOfDFW Helen

Helen’s first question to me when she found out I was from Europe was whether or not I spoke German. I don’t. Which is a shame considering how much I’ve worked with Germans. Helen had visited that country for a while when she was younger and learned the language. Now she practices weekly with an elderly neighbour who is an immigrant from there. They both work at Albertsons and see each other daily. It’s good for her and she speaks about him with obvious affection.

Helen is 27 and studying for her Masters in Early Childhood Development. She has a love for children of all ages but particularly for toddlers and elementary age. Long term she would love to teach in Germany but she knows the education system is different and for now is focussed on gaining experience while researching how children develop and how different countries around the world implement educational systems based on their understanding of this.

Helen is really excited because a new elementary school is opening across the road from where she lives. Her hope is that she will be able to get a job there so that she can work in her local community, not just a school across the city or several miles away. She would love to impact the lives of children and families that live and do life in her area.