#PeopleOfDFW Sarita

I’ve had the privilege of being the Uber driver for Sarita and her son a couple of times. She is of Asian/Indian descent and her child is currently in kindergarten. It’s just around the corner from their house and I usually take them there and back again.

Her husband is a well-respected surgeon in the Fort Worth area and they have lived here for quite some time. Her own studies have taken her down the path of art history. She loves it and so the conversation often turns to Britain and the art of Edinburgh, London and the rest of Europe.

They are planning a trip there to visit all of the major cities that have amazing art museums. Paris is also on the list. She has family and cousins in England and Scotland so the hope is they will all be able to catch up while simultaneously fulfilling one of her passions.

Her husband has never been to Britain so the entire experience will be new for him and her son.

Sarita isn’t a U.S. citizen yet, so we shared green cards stories, laughing about all the information the USCIS has on both of our relationships. Like me, Sarita is planning to apply for citizenship this year. She is a little concerned about all the talk of government changing America from an immigration system based on family to one based on skills. Her concern is whether or not that will delay her own application.

Her concern is whether or not the changes will delay her own application. With that in mind, she has the forms and the steps to take. The application just needs filling out and sending in.

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