#DFW Visiting The Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

The Fort Worth Botanical Gardens is one of my favourite places to visit in DFW. What’s more, it is free! What’s not to love about a free walk among traditional rose gardens, historical Texas gardens and nature trails? The only place you pay for is the Japanese Gardens. The Japanese Gardens cost $5. Oh, did I mention parking is free? Compare that to Dallas where the adult tickets are $15 and parking is $10. Granted, it’s bigger and has more events but still. In my opinion there’s no comparison.

Today I want to focus on one of my favourite projects that the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens have undertaken. I take my daughter for walks in the gardens most weeks and recently I decided to see how the restoration project next to the Rose Gardens was doing.


The Botanical Gardens were originally designed and built in 1934 as part of the public works program to help bring the U.S.A. out of the Great Depression. It’s also the oldest Botanical Garden in Texas. Did I mention I love Fort Worth? As this plaque commemorates, it was a pretty big deal at the time but since then the original area had fallen into hard times. That all began to change a couple of years ago. The plan is to restore a large chunk of the garden area to it’s natural habitation.

When I first visited the restoration project it was just a collection of walk ways and steps but with nothing to see. There’s still a long way to go but I’ve been impressed with the progress the landscaping team is making.



I usually see the turtles chilling out at the Rose Garden. My daughter loves to spot them and it’s one of the many things we look for on each visit. With the addition of these new water ways they often navigate to sunbathe farther up the gardens. There’s also plenty of fish swimming back and forth.

I usually spend about an hour walking around with my 2 year old and we’re never bored. The Gardens are open from sunrise to sunset and with the knowledge this natural restoration project will be continuing for several years yet I’m excited to keep returning and see more of the progress.

If you want to find out more about the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens you can check out their website.  One of the most exciting  events going on throughout the early part of summer is also a great cultural learning opportunity. Concerts In The Garden feature the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra and is well worth the time. The next one is on June 22nd and is a tribute to the music of none other than David Bowie. 


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