Wonder Woman – Good But Not Great

Rating 7/10

As a story, it was decent. It flowed well and it kept the attention. It is right around 2 1/2 hours long but it didn’t drag like¬†Batman Vs Superman. In fact, it had a completely different feel. Where as the latter movie just felt dark and hopeless, this one had more light, more reason to believe in the hero and the purpose.

Wonder Woman is well developed as a character and Gal Godot does a masterful job in this role. I’ve not seen Gal Gadot in any other role but she doesn’t disappoint and I think she’ll really put her stamp on this franchise.

I think the Director does a masterful job at exploring the human heart. Rather than assuming, as many modern movies do, that the human heart is essentially good, this movie explores the reality of the human condition, that we are capable of both good and evil. There there is great opportunity for darkness within us but that we are redeemable and worthy of saving because there is also great opportunity for light. The evil of humanity is not brushed over. This is central to the movie finale.

If I believe all of this why only a 7 our of 10? Firstly, I don’t think the score is particularly memorable. You won’t find me humming it as I do chores around the house or in-between Uber rides. Secondly, when I go and see a movie I want to leave with that special feeling. You know what I’m talking about, the one which leaves you with the question, “Why did it have to end?” This was good but it didn’t do that. I didn’t want to dive right back into the DC world. It was hopeful and it soared to heavenly heights on occasion but it was not strong throughout.

The third reason is personal. I don’t like goofy characters. For a while I thought this movie would eschew them, but there were one or two thrown in. Not that these characters were on a level of goofiness akin to Guardians of The Galaxy but they had their moments and it’s just a personal preference of mine that modern day hero movies don’t need them. Judging by the success of Guardians, millions disagree with me and that’s fine.

Will I want to see a second Wonder Woman movie? Yes. Had this one intrigued me enough that I want to do some research on the comic book character? Yes. I’m a Superman fan but I know very little about Wonder Woman. Will I see the movie again? Yes, but not at the cinema. My money is now reserved for the third Thor movie, Justice League and Spiderman Homecoming.

My final verdict? If you haven’t seen it yet, go see it.¬†Have fun, forget your troubles for 2 1/2 hours and find yourself looking forward to Justice League.


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I'm the author of The World of Pangea, a blogger and eSports journalist. In my spare time I love to write about the history of fantasy, writing tips, family history and occasionally politics. Sometimes I interview other authors and review their work. I am an avid collector of Superman comics and I love to write poetry.

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