#PeopleOfDFW Enriqua

Enriqua is a hispanic lady born in California several decades ago. She’s had 4 children and her eldest child works late at night. They have one car between them so she usually waits for her eldest to finish work before they go and complete their weekly shopping and other errands.

Unfortunately the time of night that they go shopping means there are often drunk drivers about. Enriqua has been involved in 3 accidents with drunk drivers. They have run red lights, turned awkwardly on the road and hurt her family many times. Her son Antonio was left brain damaged from one wreck and died 6 years ago. She misses him every day.

Enriqua is currently on social security disability due a drunk driver running a red light. Her back causes her a great deal of pain and she moves visibly slower than you would expect her to. For these reasons she is horrified at the thought of marijuana being legalised; believing it is yet another substance people might use before driving. One that could cause even more accidents.

As we talk the conversation turns to politics. Her first ever vote was for Ronald Reagen in the 80’s. She believed he offered hope and inspiration. Since then she has never voted, this includes not voting for Trump or Hillary. Although she never voted it does not  prevent her from voicing discontent with President Trump. She believes he does not like people from Mexico and she worries about families being split up due to his executive orders.

I drop her off at the social security building and wish her the best. Some people I talk to fill me with hope and inspiration. Others have stories like Enriqua’s, that leave me wondering what I can do to help end horrors like drunk driving.


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I'm the author of The World of Pangea, a blogger and eSports journalist. In my spare time I love to write about the history of fantasy, writing tips, family history and occasionally politics. Sometimes I interview other authors and review their work. I am an avid collector of Superman comics and I love to write poetry.

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