The Graves of Price and Annie Davies

My first cousin once removed recently made a trip to Wales and upon request he stopped by the graveyard of Price and Annie Davies to take a picture for me. I had previously tried to find them through find a grave but had no luck. He said next time he made the trip he would happily accomodate my request.

Price and Annie Davies GravestonePrice and Annie Gravestone2

Since he knows Welsh he also kindly translated the inscriptions. The original inscription reads:

“Er Serchus Cof Am

Annie Davies

Annwyl Briod

Price Davies, Cynt o Dowlais Top

Bu Farw 6 Chwefror 1961

Yn 78 Mlwydd Oed

Hefyd Am y Dywededig

Price Davies

Bu Farw 15 Mai 1966

Yn 84 Mlwydd Oed

“Byth Ar Swn Y Delyn Aur.”

He informed me that the literal translation is:

“In Loving Memory Of

Annie Davies

Beloved Spouse of

Price Davies, Formerly of Dowlais Top

Died 6 February 1961

At 78 Years Old

Also of the Aforesaid

Price Davies

Died 15 May 1966

At 84 Years Old.

“Ever to the Sound of the Golden Harp.”

This relative, Roy, always sends me helpful links to explain references as well. He let me know that “the last line is from a Welsh hymn “Y Delyn Aur” (the Golden Harp) by Ann Griffiths. Her name was almost the same as Annie’s before her marriage – Annie Griffiths.”

I will share the hymn and some history behind it in another post. I can now add these to the gravestones I have for one set of my great grandparents on my mothers side. I blogged about them here.

You can follow more of my family history at


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