You Can Go But Be Back Soon


I’ve been part of many missions trips, and I live the best part of 1 ocean, 1 continent and another half continent away from my parents. I’m used to leaving.

This time is different.

It’s not bad, it’s just different.

There’s something about leaving a 14 month behind that tugs at the heart strings a little more firmly.

Last night I had a dream and I was thankful for it. In the dream I was able to pray first with Heather and then with my daughter. When I awoke I remembered the dreams and the prayers very clearly. I count this a blessing from God. It gave me a lot of peace.

When my daughter awoke this morning she walked out of her bedroom carrying a book. She loves books but rarely does this. The book was entitled “The best daddy of all.” I smiled and said another “thank you” to God.

It led me to a greater understanding of military families. I don’t know how a father can say goodbye for 6 months to serve his country and essentially protect me. If you’re in a military family I thank you. 11 days is difficult enough.

Purpose helps immensely. I’m going to train people who change lives in Kenya. It’s worth while, it’s life changing and I fully believe it’s eternal. Eternal work. Eternally impacting.

I know others travel a lot more than I, but I don’t think this in anyway reduces this feeling I am experiencing of leaving. It’s a good thing. As my friend Bill reminded me on facebook, “They’re the best reasons for you to to be sure to come home safely.”

The words of my pastor have also been in my mind all day. “You’re not the ultimate provider for your family, your heavenly father is.” I believe that, and although I’m sad to go, I’m happy to know it’s only 11 days and my family is in safe hands.


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I'm the author of The World of Pangea, a blogger and eSports journalist. In my spare time I love to write about the history of fantasy, writing tips, family history and occasionally politics. Sometimes I interview other authors and review their work. I am an avid collector of Superman comics and I love to write poetry.

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